Steel & Aluminum Fabrication

Our shop features multiple fabrication bays, and an adjoining machine shop with a dedicated sandblast & paint facility. It’s also equipped with two ten-ton overhead cranes, two five-ton overhead cranes, high-def plasma table, three-hundred-and-fifty-ton press brake, water jet table, ample laydown area and easy access to barge loading facilities. 

We have an experienced team that is skilled in a range of welding processes and large-scale fabrication. CWB 47.1 as well as CWB 186 CERTIFIED, operations and welders as well as heavy equipment repairs. Our design team is equipped with the latest 3D software that gives us the ability to see all projects before they begin with actual hard goods on the floor. This provides us with a guarantee of fitment and the verification exact weights and measurements.  


Macon’s fully equipped machine shop houses a wide arrangement of machines from CNC lathes, horizontal boring mills, Digital milling machines and multiple sizes of lathes. Our crew of highly skilled machinists understand both manual and digital machining practices. 

Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are arguably the most important step of the fabrication process. We offer high quality finishing options for all of your requirements. 

Metal Forming

Macon’s 14foot, 350ton Accupress has the size and strength to tackle anything you can throw at it. With the added CNC backgauge and sheet followers, repetition is it’s strong suit. Providing you consistent and precise parts every time you order. 


The team at Macon have a strong background of field repair and installation work. With the right tools and equipment to tackle any project from air arcing bucket teeth to large project installations we have you covered. 


At Macon we understand how the importance of consistent quality, repeatability and attention to detail can make or break a project. This is why we instill these same values into all of our material processing. From Plasma cutting, to water jet or saw cutting. We focus on the small details to make your life easier. All of your files are stored for future orders to ensure consistence and repeatability. 

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